The historical scalability of Industrial & Furniture Design is driven by "sequels", the dynamics of which give every time the new design trends, materials and features of the kitchen furniture. Of course, one should not overlook that behind every new one there is a section that governs this "continuous" and on the other hand determines the innovation of the industrial design evolution in the kitchen furniture. It is therefore unsafe to think of the diachronicity of the style as a straightforward process.

The fact that in many cases the competitive concern of obligatory search and enforcement of pioneering phenomena of change without substantive substance covers the real needs of the modern person; overturning the aesthetic of his perception, creating an objective material world by imposing a sense of compliance with the checks of the modern consumer society.

But the reality of designing an original concept in the cuisine of the kitchen goes beyond the novelty of impressingness and remains consistent in achieving the original purpose. The ultimate goal of the idea is through the design consistency to represent the personalized aesthetic perception of the person within the environment that lives in his everyday life.